The headquarters of the AEHS is the Major Reuben Colburn House in Pittston, Maine

Research Room:
For those researching the expedition

Commission offers to conserve any Arnold artifacts

Newest Artifacts at the Colburn House

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Newest Artifacts to the Colburn House

There are some new additions to the items on display at the Reuben Colburn House.

British Flint From the Colburn House Site

Raw British flint - Here are two pictures of this artifact found on the Colburn House property near the Kennebec River in August 2007. About the size of a baseball, this piece of raw flint (with chalk exterior) is from England and has been “worked” to create gun flints, possibly by men of Arnold’s expedition. Notice the distinct hammer marks on the bottom of the photo at right.

Brick from the Colburn Brickyard
Colburn Brick - Recovered from the 1790s portion of the Allen house on the Colburn House property in the spring of 2007, this brick was undoubtedly made in the Colburn brickyard nearby. It has what appears to be a “119” marked into it with a finger before it was fired. Member Susan Hutchins recovered some clay from the brickyard site to display next to the brick at the house.
Dugout Canoe
Dugout Canoe - Members Lori-Ann and Tom Desjardin bought this 18 foot dugout canoe at an estate auction recently because they thought it would make a great museum display along with the birchbark canoe and the dugout remains already in the "Boat Museum" in the barn. Benedict Arnold started from the Colburn House in a birchbark canoe but it leaked so badly that he switched to a dugout at Fort Western. Now we just have to lift the silly thing into the barn. It weighs several hundred pounds!